Magnettafel fürs Office

Impress your audience with smart presentations

Successful projects and Be!Board magnetic glass boards go hand in hand

Your team is the very best. All that’s missing is the right equipment for your next presentation. Use a Be!Board magnetic board to sketch out procedures, jot down notes and attach papers magnetically – and set a new trend at the same time! The glass surface is just right for the way we work today in the office or during meetings, and is also ideal as an information board in reception areas. Give it a try!

Be!Boards for your office
Magnettafel für zu Hause

Express your creative side

Remember, record, create – with Be!Board magnetic glass boards

Don’t leave your favourite holiday snap to idle away on your hard drive. Why not pin it to your Be!Board instead for all to see? Or write your shopping list there. This magnetic glass board provides a decorative setting for your thoughts, ideas and notes. A big thumbs up for form and function!

Be!Boards for your home

Why Be!Board? Here’s why!

Be active, be creative, be smart. Or just be Be!Board!

Be active: Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity – seize it. Don’t just present – perform, using a magnetic glass board to keep everyone’s attention focused. And, in the home, the magnetic board is the perfect accessory for the kitchen, hall or home office.

Be creative: Flipcharts are a thing of the past. Scribble down your ideas on a Be!Board where everyone can see them! And at home, why not write up a personal message to greet your dinner guests?

Be smart: Shopping lists, reminders, to do lists, or simply to add a decorative touch: the Be!Board can be anything you want it to be. A multipurpose board that looks good, too? Now that’s what we call smart. Especially when the price is right!

7-year guarantee: I’ll take that!

The Be!Board magnetic glass board is perfect for jotting down notes, attaching papers and adding a decorative element to any room.
The good quality is bound to impress, and the board also comes with a voluntary 7-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Be!Board gives you the feeling that you can deliver the goods, both in the office and at home.

Terms of guarantee (pdf)

Be!Board – the hard facts

  • stylish, contemporary alternative to a corkboard or pinboard
  • modern, all-round talent: to write on and magnetic
  • easy-care, sturdy and durable
  • 7-year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • can be mounted in portrait or landscape format
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